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Images from the Moyse family photograph albums (click on an image for a larger version).


Trebartha Estate workers with Edward Stanhope Rodd (bow tie, centre). Richard Moyse and his father Joseph are sat together next to Mr Rodd. The white bearded gentleman at the back left may also be a Moyse.

Taken at Trebullett where Richard Moyse (1828-1912, standing on the right wearing an expansive beard) went to live with his daughter Mary and her husband, William Pearce, after his wife died in 1896. Back row left is Mary Pearce; next to her with the beard is William Pearce; second row far right - the young man standing is their son Richard who passed the family bible onto Richard Moyse.

Richard Moyse (1828 -1912). He married Emlyn Buckingham (1828-1896) in St Torney's, North Hill in 1850.

William Henry Pearce (1855-1944) and his wife Mary, nee Moyse (1854-1931). Mary was the second daughter of Richard Moyse (1828-1912).

Richard Moyse (1864 -1935), taken at Hayman & Son photographic studios, Launceston.

Richard Moyse (1864 -1935), taken when he was at Peterborough where he was a (head?) gardener at a large estate.

James Doney and his sister Honora (Nora) Susanna Moyse nee Doney (b 1865). Nora married Richard Moyse (1864-1935).

Honora Susanna Moyse nee Doney.

Honora Susanna Moyse nee Doney with her second son Sydney Richard Moyse (1900 -1996) and his younger brother Joseph Ernest Moyse (1910-1985). Possibly taken in the early 1920’s.

William Shovell (b1868c) and his wife Eliza Ann Shovell nee Moyse (1869-1922); taken 24 March 1894 in Launceston.

Henry (1871-1947) and Beatrice Moyse (nee Kempthorne).

Grace Craddock Moyse (1846-1909) and her husband John Stevens (1850-1919).

Trebartha, Mill Cottage

Trebartha, Mill Cottage on 5 Nov 2020 (comparative image courtesy of Mark Stevens).

Trebullet home of William and Mary Pearce. Leaning on the gate may be Richard Moyse, Mary's father, who lived with them in his latter years. The family dog can also be seen.

Trebullet home of William and Mary Pearce. They are seen here with two other people.


United States of America

Beatrice Emma Moyse (1890-186) who married Albert Cecil Dingle. She is the eldest daughter of Thomas Moyse (1866-1940) who was the sixth son of Richard.

Albert Cecil Dingle (1887-1951). Beatrice and Albert emigrated to Ohio.

Amos' brother William Moyse and an unnamed child.

William John Moyse (b1893), son of William Moyse and Joanna (nee Doidge), during WW2.

Moyse Family #01 - click to see enlarged version and key.

Moyse Family #02 - click to see enlarged version and key.

Mary Moyse nee Knight (c1869-1966), the wife of Amos Moyse.

Amos and Mary Moyse.

Amos Moyse (1868-1961)

Dana Moyse (1897-1963), eldest son of Amos and Mary.

Craig Moyse (1905-1979), Amos and Mary's second son.

Craig Moyse.

Craig Moyse (1905-1979) and his wife Maribel.

Craig and Maribel with their niece Mary Louise (1929-2012).

Lake Cardinal, Cleveland - this was the vacation cottage of Amos Edward Moyse (b1868); Amos and Mary’s primary home was nearby in Rock Creek; Amos was the son of John Moyse and Elizabeth (nee Doidge).

Lake Cardinal - Amos built the house himself; legend has it that this house was originally a place where you could buy “bathtub gin” during the Depression.

Lake Cardinal - images of Amos' home were provided by the late Jim Moyse.

Stone cottage built by Amos Moyse

School House in winter at Cashiers, North Carolina. Note - image sent by the late Jim Moyse; the significance of Cashiers was not explained.


The banner image shows: Richard Moyse (b1864); Trebartha Mill Cottage; Honora Susanna Moyse, nee Doney.