ADAM LAUNDRY (1815-1909)


Newspaper Report

21 March 1908 - Cornish and Devon Post

MR. ADAM LAUNDREY - By Our North Hill Correspondent

Many and hearty were the congratulations and good wishes on Friday the 13th inst., extended to our old and familiar friend Adam on his 95th birthday.

Mr Adam Laundrey was born in Stonaford, a little village on the very edge of the Cornish moors; where he has lived nearly the whole of his life. He is the only surviving decendant in the parish of a very old and much respected and well-to-do family, namely the Craddock family. He was educated at the village school under that famous old master Mr Phillip Sandercock.

Mr Adam Laundrey, or "Adam "as he is better known by everyone for several miles around, was an employee on the Trebartha estate, for 45 years, as his father was before him. He succeeded his father as chief woodman. Fresh in his mind is an incident of his first job on the estate; it was the pruning of some overgrown trees, in preparation for the visit of the Duke of Northumberland to tha Hall. He can distinctly remember four masters at Trebartha. Many have been the occasions when he has been appealed to with regard to parish afiairs, so reliable was his memory and great his interest in all public matters and current events. Above the average in intelligence, which he retains in a marked degree, he is very witty and humorous.

There is an incident in his life which he relates with much mirth. Many years ago the Rev. Baring Gould was making a collection of old Cornish songs. and on the day following his last visit our late esteemed rector called and said, "Adam, they tell me you are a singer, and that the Rev. Baring Gould has been to see you.” “Yes, sir,” replied Adam, "and I taught him three anthems before he went away."

The writer, who has known him for many years, paid him a visit on his birthday to wish him yet "Many happy returns of the day," and found him in bed, not well as usual in body, but bright and happy, expressing the hope soon to be about again. His intellect was as clear as that of a boy, sight and bearing good, and he was intent in reading his telegrams and letters from friends at a distance sending good wishes. He was very eager to talk on the current topics of the day, and expressed regret that since he had been in bed he had not been able to read his newspapers as usual. He was eager to know and discuss the latest political questions the day, saying "I want to know what’s doing in the House." He could not understand the need to discuss for one moment Tariff Reform. He was proud of the fact that he was a follower of Gladstone "lor," says he, "no greater man has arisen since Pitt.” On the question of religion, says the old man, "I am a staunch follower of John Wesley."

Adam was baptised in St Torney's Church on the 9th of April 1815. His parents were Richard Laundry and Mary Craddock who married there in 1799. Mary Craddock's grandparents were John Craddock and Elizabeth Spoure who also married in St Torney's, in 1723. Elizabeth's Spoure connection is to the 'minor' Spoure family in North Hill and not to the Spoure's that lived in Trebartha Hall. You can read more about that here.

Adam married in 1853 to Elizabeth Frayn of Egloskerry and they had one son whose marriage produced no grandchildren for them. When Elizabeth died in 1891 she was buried in North Hill churchyard. Despite his strong leanings towards Wesleyanism, Adam was also buried in the Church of England churchyard in 1909 alongside his wife.

He can be seen in North Hill on every census return for North Hill from 1841 to 1901:

1841 census - Stonaford, North Hill
Richard Laundry,65,,Agricultural Labourer, born In county,
,,Mary Laundry,,60,,In county,
,,Adam Laundry,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

1851 census - Stonaford, North Hill
Mary Laundry,Head,W,,71,Pauper Formerly Ag Lab Wife, born in North Hill Cornwall,,
,,Adam Laundry,Son,U,32,,Ag Lab,North Hill Cornwall,,

1861 census - Stonaford, North Hil
Adam Laundry,Head,M,44,,Woodman,North Hill Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Laundry,Wife,M,,43,Woodman Wife,Egloskerry Cornwall,,
,,,Richard F Laundry,Son,,1,,,North Hill Cornwall,,

1871 census - Stonaford, North Hill
Adam Laundry,Head,M,54,,Labourer,North Hill Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Laundry,Wife,M,,52,Labourer's Wife,Egloskerry Cornwall,,
,,,Richard Frayn Laundry,Son,U,11,,Labourer's Son,North Hill Cornwall,,

1881 census - Stonaford, North Hill
Adam Laundrey,Head,M,63,,General Labourer,North Hill Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Laundrey,Wife,M,,63,Laundress,Egloskerry Cornwall,,

1891 census - Stonaford, North Hill
Adam Laundry,Head,M,77,,Woodman,Employed,North Hill Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Laundry,Wife,M,,76,Laundress,,Egloskerry Cornwall,,

1901 census - Trevenniel Cottages, North Hill
Elizabeth Jasper, widow, 66, laundress, Lezant
Adam Laundrey, widower, 87, retired woodman, North Hill

No family link has been identified between this Laundrey family, also spelt as Laundry, with the Landrey or Landrey family who were also resident in North Hill and also working as employees on the Trebartha Estate.

The banner image shows Adam laundry as photographed by Mrs Rodd of Trebartha Hall in 1905.