Coad's Green School Carnivals History Day

The correct title for the building is “Coad’s Green Methodist Church” as shown on the church notice board and the Methodist Circuit website. Variously the word ‘Wesleyan’ has been included in the title and the word ‘Church’ has been replaced by the word ‘Chapel’. You can use whatever you like when talking to the locals, they’ll all know what you mean.

The area from which the Church draws its congregation is much larger than that of the Church of England parish. The first nine burials, for instance (shown below), at the church included people from Callington, Coad’s Green, North Hill, Lanoy, Newtown and Bere Alston (which is over the Tamar, upcountry in England!).

The history of Coad’s Green Methodist Church shown below has been taken from “Memories of Coad’s Green” which was written by local resident Doris Baker in 1998. She based her information on the recollections of Samuel Baker who had lived in the village for 86 years.

Coads Green Methodist chapel reopening after refurbishment in 1961

Coad's Green Sunday School

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Coad's Green Chapel 1973 - Tree Planting by the Women's institute

The image at the top of the page shows: Coad’s Green Methodist Church.